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Compassonate knowledgeable attorney solves legal problems.

Nothing you will experience in your lifetime will be as bad as a bad legal case. Not
understanding how the legal system works is usually a major cause of a client’s
frustration. Unrealistic expectation is another reason for disappointment with the
outcome. There are strict rules that must be followed in any legal proceeding. These
rules are in place so that all sides have an equal opportunity to fairly present their case
and be heard by the Judge. We take the time to explain court procedures to you and to
keep you informed of the process every step of the way. We want our clients to be
informed. First, wrap your mind around the fact that a contested legal case is not easy.
If you start off believing that “this will be a piece of cake” I guarantee you, you will be
disappointed. It won’t be easy. The legal system is not easy to navigate. It is a maze of
rules and regulations and can be confusing and frustrating. And, if you are very
emotionally invested in your legal matter, it will be even more difficult. I tell my clients
right from the beginning, if you want to fight over every little thing, you will lose. You will
lose financially and you will lose emotionally. Contested legal matters are draining.
Even if you win in court, at the end of a bitter legal case you will hate the court system
and you will hate me.
Hiring the right attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make in any
legal case. Experience counts! I have years of experience helping individuals solve their
legal problems. And I promise you caring and compassionate representation. Put my
knowledge and experience to work for you. Call today for your strictly confidential free
consultation at (856) 881-9600 for my Glassboro Office or (609) 886-5700 for my Cape
May Office.

We take all major credit cards.

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I am not only enthusiastic about representing my clients, I am passionate about representing clients. Every story matters to me. I see my role as an attorney, as a problem solver. My approach is to try and keep matters as simple as possible.

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