Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Nothing you will experience in your lifetime will be as bad as a bad divorce. However, you control the direction and course your divorce will take. If you select the right divorce attorney to take you down the bumpy road of divorce, your divorce experience will be much easier. First, wrap your mind around the fact that a divorce is not easy. If you start a divorce proceeding believing that ” this will be a piece of cake” I guarantee you, you will be disappointed. It won’t be easy. The legal system is not easy to navigate. And, if you have minor children and you are disagreeing over who will get custody, your divorce will be even more difficult. I tell my clients right from the beginning, if you want to fight over everything, you will lose. You will lose financially and you will lose emotionally. Even if you win in court, at the end of a bitter divorce you will hate the court system, you will hate your ex and you will certainly hate me.

Hiring the right attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make in your divorce case. I have years of experience helping individuals with divorce, support, custody and domestic violence issues. And I promise you caring and compassionate representation.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your lawyer as you begin divorce: Avoid the “Combative Attorney”;  A highly aggressive attorney may make you feel more powerful, but don’t mistake an overly combative lawyer for a strong one. There is a time to fight and a time to be reasonable and, yes, a time to let the other side win. Nobody gets everything in family court. Family Court is a court of equity and fairness based on the facts and circumstances in your case. Why litigate an issue you can’t win? An attorney who thinks of litigation as your first or only option may very well increase the tension between you and the other party. This will drive up your legal fees and can often result in a worse outcome. The lawyer you choose needs to understand when to advocate vigorously and when to strategically negotiate. Do not confuse an attorney’s willingness to negotiate with weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Experience counts. Be sure not to retain an attorney who is going to learn by doing your divorce. I have done hundreds of divorce, support and custody cases.  You will gain from my knowledge and experience.

Be Reasonable Make a Deal

Yes. Be reasonable. I know, you just came out of a frightfully bad relationship. Maybe even a toxic relationship and you don’t feel like being reasonable. Trust me. There is life after divorce, and if you have kids, there will be  graduations, weddings and many other social events you will want to go to where your ex will be in attendance. Be reasonable. Going to court over and over again fighting over little things, extracts a greater emotional price than one might believe. You don’t want to survive your divorce and have emotional scars for life, do you? Of course not. Be reasonable.

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