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As a criminal defense attorney, my advice is STOP! Never plead guilty to any crime without first talking to an experienced criminal defense lawyer such as myself. if you plead guilty, there is about a 100% chance that the judge will find you guilty. I have defended 100s of defendants faced with criminal charges and/or traffic violations. In many cases, I can get your charges reduced or downgraded to lesser offences thereby reducing the penalties and fines and or jail time.  I offer reduced rates for Rowan University students. Schedule your strictly confidential free consultation today at either of our two offices, call 856-881-9600  for our Glassboro Office or 609-886-5700 for our Cape May  Office.

We provide aggressive criminal defense for charges of Violent crimes. If you have been accused of assault, battery, or weapons offenses, we will review the charges against you and determine your best move.
Drug crimes. After an arrest for drug possession or possession with intent to sell illicit drugs, you might face fines, jail time, and other penalties depending on the substance involved, the quantity, and the nature of your arrest. You need experienced legal help.
Sex crimes. Crimes that involve sexual misconduct are pursued aggressively by New Jersey prosecutors and are viewed as very serious by the Court. Never risk your freedom. Seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney such as myself before speaking to anyone about your case. Drunk Driving or Buzzed Driving. If you were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol you need help now. A conviction of Drunk or Buzzed driving can ruin your life. It can easily cost you your job and prevent you from getting another. Many employers now run both criminal background and driving background checks on prospective employees.
Fraud” is a broad term that covers many different illegal activities, but the core definition of fraud is any crime of deception. Check fraud, wire fraud, benefits fraud, insurance fraud, credit fraud, and many other varieties of this offense exist, all of which can potentially lead to severe legal penalties. These include but are not limited to repayment of all ill-gotten funds and assets gained through the fraudulent activity.
Domestic violence. The state of New Jersey considers “domestic violence” a zero tolerance violence that occurs between family members, romantic partners, or household members. A domestic violence conviction could lead to incarceration, fines, and loss of custody rights or support rights and in some cases loss of employment or the ability to gain employment. A Domestic Violence charge can be pursued even if the victim wants to drop it, if the Prosecutor thinks it is serious. Schedule your strictly confidential free consultation today at either of our two offices, call 856-881-9600  for our Glassboro Office or 609-886-5700 for our Cape May  Office.   

Always Remain Silent!

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, my advice is until you have legal advice, never talk to o the Police. Facing any kind of criminal charges can be incredibly stressful, confusing and overwhelming, whether you have done something wrong or have been unjustly accused. Once you make a statement, you can’t take it back. Most criminal charges carry with them the possibility of jail time, fines, probation and other serious consequences, if convicted. Never admit anything and never plead guilty. If you if do plead guilty, there is about a 100% chance the judge will find you guilty. A experienced South Jersey criminal defense attorney, such as myself, can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Never try to defend yourself in a criminal case. Before, during and after your arrest, you have the right to remain silent. Even if you know you are innocent of the charges against you, don’t talk. No matter what you say-it’s wrong. Conviction numbers are important to the police, so they will charge you with as many crimes as possible-hoping some will stick. Remaining silent prevents anyone from using your words against you. If you qualify, a public defender will be available to you at no cost. Most public defenders are terrific attorneys. However, few public defenders will be able to spend the time or effort working with you and on your case as private criminal defense lawyer like such as myself will. Schedule your strictly confidential free consultation today at either of our two offices, call 856-881-9600  for our Glassboro Office or 609-886-5700 for our Cape May  Office.              

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